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Josh Spencer


A "how-to" book that teaches you everything you need to know to build and maintain a successful network marketing business!
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A no BS, straightforward, self-help book on how to get out of your own way and create lasting success with your mindset, health, finances, and relationships!


Just Suck It Up Reviews

“Just Suck It Up”, a straight forward, honest and educational  and motivational book that had me engaged and analyzing my own life as I read it. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a little push towards reaching their goals. As I read this book, I left like the author was personally coaching me. This book inspired me while also allowing me to examine my methods of how I can reach my own personal health/financial/business goals by changing my mindset.

Jen T.

Truly inspiring read that will captivate you throughout each section! Josh has really found a way to relate his personal goals, techniques and values to help further your success and happiness. This is a great read if you’re looking to improve areas in your life whether its family, finances, fitness, health or relationships.  These are all illustrated by real-life examples that are drawn upon. You will find the content to be very relatable to the scenarios with easy methods to overcome your situation! There is no “sugar coating” throughout this book.

Derek W.

I just finished reading Just Suck It Up by Josh Spencer and I loved it!  It is a no fuss, no muss roadmap to success and I highly recommend it for everyone. I found Josh's approach to success to be frank and unencumbered by lengthy examples from a variety of people.  Instead, he uses his own life experiences to show how he has overcome obstacles throughout his life and how he has ultimately reached his goals.  There is no magic, no silver bullet, just good hard work and consistency. This book will stay on my bookshelf as a reference guide with notes in the margins, to be dogeared and studied.

Beverly M. 


How to Not Suck at Network Marketing Reviews

"Ive been in Network Marketing for 8 years, and often times Ive felt like I was spinning my wheels in the mud. Most of the Network Marketing books are fairly vague with their actionable steps and weren't as helpful as advertised. Josh lays out actionable steps, with examples, on how to better work your Network Marketing business. A lot of these steps will be implemented in my own business starting today and I cannot wait to see the growth in the next year from it! Must Read!!!" 

"This book was awesome. Josh speaks directly to you as if this book is a 1:1 mentorship. It is easy to read and I will recommend it to all my new distributors. This book covers everything from getting started, to failures and set backs, to setting your comebacks up for success with simple tools and tips that are fail proof. I will def be reading again with my highlight and notebook ready!!" 

Lisa B.

"This is a hands down must read! There is nothing out there like this ! This is not only a blue print on how to be successful in networking marketing , but really is great for any business . It has already made a significant impact on my business. It laid out what exactly to do , motivated me , and I saw results immediately! The organization tips are worth their weight in gold. An outstanding , well flowing, home run of a book."

Andrea W.

Rob H.



I'm Josh Spencer, an author, speaker, and success coach that has a very straight-forward, no BS approach to helping you change your life. I've created a seven-figure income with my network marketing business and have been able to overcome many obstacles, including bullying and Lyme Disease. 

In my first book, "Just Suck It Up," I go into incredible detail about how you can achieve mindset, health, financial, and relationship success. The most important part of my life is family. I have a beautiful wife, Melinda, and three incredible children, Madison, Alaina, and Brody. I have a passion for giving back and helping others. I enjoy snowboarding, dirt bike riding, hanging with friends and family, and watching sports. 



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