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How to Not Suck at Network Marketing


"Ive been in Network Marketing for 8 years, and often times Ive felt like I was spinning my wheels in the mud. Most of the Network Marketing books are fairly vague with their actionable steps and weren't as helpful as advertised. Josh lays out actionable steps, with examples, on how to better work your Network Marketing business. A lot of these steps will be implemented in my own business starting today and I cannot wait to see the growth in the next year from it! Must Read!!!" - Rob H.

"This book! Is the exact response to, “I wish I would have had this when I started”

If you are just entering network marketing this book is your guide to limiting failure and creating a stable team with long term income. READ IT - then TAKE ACTION.

If you have been in network marketing and struggling this boom will fill in the gaps and holes you might be missing that will take your business and team to the next level.

If you have a team this is an incredible first personal development book for members to read to set them up for success of running a business and a team.

Fact: this is not a book to cheerlead and energize you. This book is one to help you put systems in place, give you direction and ability to run a network marketing business successfully. Expect to feel and be educated."
- Mike K.

"This book was awesome. Josh speaks directly to you as if this book is a 1:1 mentorship. It is easy to read and I will recommend it to all my new distributors. This book covers everything from getting started, to failures and set backs, to setting your comebacks up for success with simple tools and tips that are fail proof. I will def be reading again with my highlight and notebook ready!!" - Lisa B.

"I got involved in network marketing about 7 months ago. I’ve been consistently putting work into it, but it’s taking off a little slower than what I was expecting. I still consider myself new to network marketing and I have a lot to learn. I read this book hoping to get some guidance on where I should be focusing my attention. Not only does this book give steps to take, it also has specific examples of things you can do to complete those steps. This book is exactly what I needed, and I’m sure once I put the ideas in this book into action, it will help me provide more value to my clients."

- James 

"This is a hands down must read! There is nothing out there like this ! This is not only a blue print on how to be successful in networking marketing , but really is great for any business . It has already made a significant impact on my business. It laid out what exactly to do , motivated me , and I saw results immediately! The organization tips are worth their weight in gold. An outstanding , well flowing, home run of a book." - Andrew W.

"As a network marketer, myself, I found myself furiously scribbling notes. This book is easy to follow, to the point, and a true "How to" book. Josh Spencer really lays out, in duplicatable fashion, how to really succeed in network marketing. I am very excited to start putting his tips into action, and to see my business grow!" - Trena M. 

"My biggest complaint about many training books and tools is the fluff and filler they put in and they take so long to get to the actual training they promise. I love that Josh is direct and to the point! Josh offers tools that can help a new coach (network marketer) but can also help a seasoned coach restart or re-approach how they are running their business. He focuses on the key tools that helped his business and has helped his team. Not just the how but the why, overcoming struggles and the importance of consistency!
I took a ton of notes and am already implementing some new steps in my own business. I am definitely recommending this book to my team!" 
- Nicola W.

"I wish I had this book the first day I began my network marketing career. Josh's step by step playbook on how important it is to have a winning mindset, to creating your personal brand, to effectively operating follow up systems, to prospecting and much more is THE winning cookbook to maximizing your success in the profession." - Brett B.

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