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"Just Suck It Up, a straight forward, honest and educational  and motivational book that had me engaged and analyzing my own life as I read it. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a little push towards reaching their goals. As I read this book, I left like the author was personally coaching me. This book inspired me while also allowing me to examine my methods of how I can reach my own personal health/financial/business goals by changing my mindset." - Jen T. 

"Truly inspiring read that will captivate you throughout each section! Josh has really found a way to relate his personal goals, techniques and values to help further your success and happiness. This is a great read if you’re looking to improve areas in your life whether its family, finances, fitness, health or relationships.  These are all illustrated by real-life examples that are drawn upon. You will find the content to be very relatable to the scenarios with easy methods to overcome your situation! There is no “sugar coating” throughout this book." - Derek W.

"I just finished reading Just Suck It Up by Josh Spencer and I loved it!  It is a no fuss, no muss roadmap to success and I highly recommend it for everyone. I found Josh's approach to success to be frank and unencumbered by lengthy examples from a variety of people.  Instead, he uses his own life experiences to show how he has overcome obstacles throughout his life and how he has ultimately reached his goals.  There is no magic, no silver bullet, just good hard work and consistency. This book will stay on my bookshelf as a reference guide with notes in the margins, to be dogeared and studied." - Beverly M. 

"A Great book! Simple & Straight to the point, with clear and relatable themes, which are reinforced with stories and anecdotes. Very engaging and easy to read with some thought-provoking moments where Josh explains no matter where you are in life you can change your outlook & therefore your trajectory. I will be recommending this book to my friends & colleagues, as no matter how big or small you perceive your goals or dreams to be this book gives straightforward simple advice that is laid out in a simple easy to follow structure. The book starts by setting the scene with an overview of how the book began then continues on to giving actionable advice and guidance all delivered in a down to earth & relatable manner, that describes how with the power of changing your mindset you can overcome any challenge whether real or imagined."

- Kevin W. 

"I really enjoyed the book, and appreciated Josh’s no BS approach. He was real, raw, and honest, and shared every aspect of his life with practical real life advice, tips, and stories. I love his commitment to his own health, to helping others, to teaching others, to being a better person, and his commitment to his wife and kids. Thank you for sharing your life and experiences with us so that we can better too!" - Brandy

"Having followed Josh on social media for a few months it was great to read his book giving an insight into the paths his life has taken making him into the man he is today. I laughed, cried, shouted, sighed and said more "oh wows" than I can count!  The no nonsense way Josh explains things, for me, personally made me sit up and think, reflect and know how to deal with certain situations in the future a different way to how I have in the past. It made it a real read as it come from Josh's heart and you could sense that when reading. Absolutely recommend Joshs book. It won't disappoint, I guarantee you'll struggle to put it down as I did." - Samantha R. 

"Josh's brutal honesty and transparent approach to life and the lessons learned through it gave me an overwhelming desire to take and in-depth look at my own. I discovered so many obstacle's that I hide behind to keep me in my safe place. I also learned that I want to overcome those obstacle's in my existence and push forward to Just Suck It Up and prove myself wrong, prove that I can overcome the hand dealt to me! I just have to take that first step. If I fail I have to suck it up and start over and over and over again until I get to that 2nd , 3rd and 4th step because giving up isn't an option anymore. I want to leave my imprint on this world for my grandkids, I want them to see me fighting to stay alive to live my life as if there were no tomorrow and living my healthiest, strongest most rewarding life. The life that isn't hiding behind my disease but living life despite it. Showing my family that nothing can keep us down if we "Just Suck It up" . Thank You Josh for reminding me "WHY" I was fighting in the first place!!!!! Family!!!!" - Shana S

"If your looking for a book that will make life all roses and sugar coated, you’ve come to the wrong place. Josh Spencer is raw and direct. He found a way to take his life failures and struggles, and put them in to words to help others navigate the hurdles of life. Many authors find a way to throw words on a page that mean nothing in the end. In this great read of “Just Suck it Up”, Josh cuts out the BS and gets to the point. He wants the reader to understand there is a better way of life then to sit and feel sorry for yourself because you have challenges in life. This book will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, because Josh finds a way to make you feel uncomfortable. However, on that rollercoaster he also finds a way to help you understand, and embrace those uncomfortable feelings. He will help you plan your work, and work your plan, to achieve your goals, and to take action to improve your life in many ways. He has a way of tuning up you Mindset like a Lamborghini Mechanic. Many of us set out to achieve goals, however we fail to have the right Mindset. Josh addresses those key areas that you need to fine tune your mindset. As you will find, he does not like excuses. His first area to work on is overcoming excuses, to start your mindset right. He continues on with many other steps to improve your mindset. As you continue to turn each page, you are enlightened with a wealth of information that will impact all aspects of your life. I could write so much more about this incredible script, however its time for me to salute this young author about being real, raw and truthful. It reveals to the reader what steps are needed to improve their lives. You will not be disappointed in the purchase of this book. I see purchasing this book as a great investment in yourself, starting a journey to improve your life. “Just Suck It Up” is the roadmap to help you achieve your happiness and success. As Josh would say, taking action is the key to success, so take your first action and put this in your shopping cart. Prepare yourself for a Wild Ride. I was honored to be selected as one of only 100 people to review this book before its release. I want to thank Josh Spencer for that opportunity. As a retired Marine, I only deal with straight forward facts in life, this book is about as straight as it gets." - Vance C. 

"Josh takes a no B.S. approach in this book. No foofoo sugar is a "get your a$$ in gear" message but with a positive uplifting vibe. This will most likely cause the reader to have an "oh, that is soooo me" as he does a great job of touching on the different psyches of someone who becomes complacent with many aspect in their life. If you are looking for an "in your face" honest author to help inspire and motivate you to make changes in your life for the better, I would HIGHLY suggest reading this. Josh also makes reference to some other books that I feel would greatly compliment Just Suck It Up." - Travis T. 

"This is not your typical fluffy, sugar-coated, self-help guide, so if you're looking for someone to give you the answers, and experience immediate success without putting in the work, you may want to look elsewhere. HOWEVER, if you're motivated, and want a non-nonsense, bullshit free guide to getting off your butt, and moving forward and achieving your goals, this book has you covered. The author shares REAL LIFE experience, not just notes and tips gathered from other sources that are not "tried and true". He has, and KNOWS what it takes to put in the work and get **** done!

If you need that swift kick in the butt, and are ready to make a positive change for the better. This book will give you the tips and advice to get there. Hard work pays off!" 
- Janessa B. 

"You have to read this book! It doesn’t matter who you are. It is life changing. It puts your life in perspective and makes you want to live your best life! Highly recommended. This book reads like you are sitting with josh as he explains advise and his life experiences." - Chris C. 

"This is a must read for yourself and everybody you know who isn't achieving the goals they have for their lives. Not a book you will read and put on the shelf, it is a book you will bring out and read over and over. You will laugh, cry and cheer on Josh, He is a normal guy like you and I, totally relatable and approachable. He has overcome challenges that some of us have faced and some of us have not. The difference is he shows us in a no nonsense way how determination and hard work can lead to our dreams. Anything is possible. This is lot of things rolled into one. A great inspirational story, a rags to riches story, a story about overcoming bullying and rising to the top. This is not only a book for you but for your kids to inspire them. Love this book." - Tina G.

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