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30 Day Next Level Boot Camp

I've been an online fitness coach for 11 years now and have not only had an incredible transformation myself, I've helped tens of thousands of people make incredible changes as well. I'm always trying to come up with different ways to help my clients stay motivated and one of the best things I've created is a 30 day accountability group that's run through Facebook. That group is called the Next Level Boot Camp.

What is the Next Level Boot Camp? It's a support and accountability group that I run each month. Everyone that takes part in the group follows the workout program, nutrition plan, and supplement regimen that I recommend to them based on their individual goals. I send anyone who's interested in the group a form to fill out, which asks a ton of questions about the person, including what type of workouts they enjoy, their current workout and nutrition habits, what supplements their currently taking, and their goals. Once I review the form I quickly get back to them with my recommendations.

The workout programs I recommend are created by some of the best trainers in the world and are streamed through your phone or computer, making it simple to do at home or at the gym. I stream my workouts every day and have been for years now. There are many different programs available based on your goals. For example, we have a mass gaining program that involves heavy resistance training and little cardio. But we also have high intensity programs designed to establish peak athletic performance. There are also programs designed for those who have a very limited amount of time to work out each day. Each program comes with a nutrition plan that was created by nutrition professionals and is very easy to follow. It includes macro and calorie consumption recommendations, types of foods to eat and avoid, and very good healthy recipes.

Not only am I in the group daily answering questions and posting helpful tips, I check in with each person on an individual basis each week. Everyone that joins the Next Level Boot Camp will receive personal one on one coaching from me. My goal is to help you get the best results possible and I'll do everything I can to make that happen. In addition, you will have the support, accountability, and encouragement from all of the others participating in the group with you. All that support plays a major role in your ability to stay motivated and get results!

I take what I do very seriously. I focus so much on helping others that I was awarded the Top Coach award in the U.S. back in 2010. I have a very quick response time when I receive questions (within 24 hours), I have many, many team members and clients that will vouch for my coaching ability, and I only recommend products that I have personally used that have worked for me. If they don't work or I don't like them, I don't recommend them.

If you would like to take part in the Next Level Boot Camp, here are the requirements:

(1) That you're not already a Beachbody Coach or currently working with a Beachbody Coach.

(2) That you fill out this form immediately in as much detail as possible:

(3) You be willing to commit entirely to what I recommend.

I hope to see you in the next Next Level Boot Camp. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me on Facebook or email me at

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